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1.    Who is going to certify the course?

(Would our courses be recognised, accredited, or validated by any university, government or third party unless specifically mentioned otherwise?)  - NO
We consider government regulatory standards as an impediment to offering high-quality courses we offer at an affordable cost, offering informal, non-recognised courses rather than collaborating with formal universities.
This course is offered as a skill development course by a private company.
For any recruiter or client, what matters the most is whether you possess the relevant skills to match their needs and serve their interests. We will train you in rare and important skills that are highly in demand and our initiative is one of a kind.
The syllabus and course content for all the courses shall be reviewed by experts. These experts are drawn from law firms and the industry at large. The course is conceptualised, coordinated and marketed by DIIPR, which aims to make sound legal knowledge, particularly in the niche field of IPR, accessible to people from all walks of life.

2.    What is the value of the course on the CV?

The legal industry and the corporate world know and respect our work, and they know that anyone who finished our course and obtained certification has a certain level of knowledge and skills. You will be appreciated the practical expertise you would acquire through our courses and would be able to demonstrate after due completion.

3.    Who can enroll for the DIIPR Courses?

We recommend that you should have completed your Bachelors’s degree from a recognized Board / University. In the case of foreign nationals, you should have completed the equivalent of Higher Secondary in India in your respective country. You should also be comfortable with English and have basic computer skills. However, we have no formal pre-qualification requirements because we are not a university or college.
Paralegal – higher secondary or XII

4.    Are paper copy study materials provided for reference, or are there only online classes?

Persons enrolled will be provided with some paper copy reference materials.  
(However, videos, regulatory updates and periodic upgrades to the courses cannot be included in the paper copies.) We will provide you with hard copy material for all important chapters. You can use the hard copy materials for your reference; however, we recommend that you do not exclusively rely on hard copies for cracking the assessment test and the exercises. Please refer to the online library of materials from time to time.

Note: We will send hard copy material through our service partners.

If our service partners do not have a presence in your area and want to get the hard copy, you can send us a specific request. 

DIIPR shall not be liable if the speed post bounces back or hard copy material is not delivered. We will levy the courier charge on you in such a scenario. 

Please visit the respective course page to learn more about the hard copy study material policy of that course.

5.    Will international students also be sent hard copy material?

If international students require paper copy material, they need to share their correct address and we will let them know the cost of the courier which they need to pay and then the paper copy will be dispatched. This is the process because the cost of an international courier is very high compared to the domestic courier within India (for domestic courier we have no additional charges). Some international students provide us with an Indian address for couriering paper copy material. In such cases, we won’t be charging anything extra for the courier.

6.    How do I figure out if the course covers a specific topic I want to study?

A person can visit the official website of DIIPR and find the relevant course and see the course syllabus, learning objectives and even a list of weekly exercises. If one needs any more clarification regarding the course, one may feel free to chat with our online chat specialist.
You could also call us on our helpline number (+91 7030933232) for further assistance.

7.    How can I get access to a demo class?

We do not offer any demo classes. You will not understand the course's quality by attending a single class as the results we produce are done through a combination of many things – the talk, study material, assignments, and personal feedback on assignments.

8.    Are there any minimum attendance requirements?

There are no minimum attendance requirements, as we will teach the course online through a Learning Management System that allows you to pursue the course at your own pace and convenience.

We will conduct some online classroom information and shall provide information about each course from time to time. Attendance is recommended. Feedback by our experts on your assignment(s) submitted is the goal of our sessions.

To know more about exercises and assignment(s) submission requirements, please check the course page.

9.    Can we take the tests at our convenience, or will they be available only at a specific time on a particular day? What happens if I cannot take the tests at a particular time because of exams, internships or other commitments?

As candidates will be enrolling from across India and abroad, every candidate's schedule is likely to differ. The test will be available on the online portal for a substantial period so that you can take them at your convenience. We will give sufficient opportunity to everyone to attempt the test.
If any student is unable to attempt the test or facing any issues, can mail us at
Requirements for the online test may vary as per the course. We suggest you read the test details on the course page to learn more.

10.    How are online MCQ tests executed? Can I give the monthly tests and the final exam at home? Or do I need to go to an online centre?

The online MCQ is executed on the Learning Management System. You do not have to go to any special centres to give the test or exam. You can attempt the test by logging on to the online Learning Management System from your home or anywhere you wish. We recommend using a computer while giving these tests, as mobile phones are unreliable for giving tests.
Students should finish the MCQ test within the stipulated time in one sitting.
Please visit the course page to know the MCQ test fees and guidelines.

11.    What payment methods do you accept?

You can use any of the following methods to pay for the course.

  •   Online payment through Razorpay - Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, Amex & UPI
  •   International students can use Razorpay
  •   NEFT/ RTGS (online through your bank account) or offline
For further details on making payments, please visit our enrolment page or call on +91 7030933232 or send an email to - for assistance.

12.    Are there any financing or EMI options for payment of the course fees?

If you have a Credit Card with one of the following banks, you can pay using an EMI option.
1.    ICICI Bank
2.    Axis Bank
3.    Standard Chartered Bank
4.    Kotak Mahindra Bank
5.    HDFC Bank
6.    Yes Bank etc.

13.    Can the course fee be paid in installments?


14.    What about Live classes?

Some live classes may be planned from time to time when possible and you will receive an intimation about the same through our newsletter. Please stay tuned.

15.    Are there any discounts available?

No, there are no individual discounts available, however there will be corporate discounts available when 3 or more people from the same company or firm enrol at the same time.
We do not believe in discounts and never give one.

16.    How is the course administered?

The course starts on the commencement date for your batch. You would get access to all the study materials on the online learning management system, which you can view on your computer or mobile phone (Android & iOS). The study materials cannot be downloaded or printed.
We will provide you with copy materials for reference as well as access to videos & periodic updates.
You will be given exercises and assignments and tutorials.