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About Us


Dewan Institute of Intellectual Property Rights - Established in 2010, is a one-of-a-kind educational institution providing comprehensive & hands-on training in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. We pride ourselves on creating & delivering practical modules, which can be immediately applied in business and the profession by individuals from all spheres of life.

The institute has diverse offerings from courses for absolute beginners to advanced IP professionals, with topics covered including Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Designs and other Related IP Rights. We also conduct specialized courses on patent specification drafting, anti-counterfeiting, litigation, technology transfer, licensing & IP commercialization.

Courses are conducted also for specific groups such as CA & CS, Advertising agencies; marketing professionals, Management level, R & D professionals.

The faculty comprises leaders in the IP field from India & globally with decades of real-world experience. We need to emphasise these online courses so that professionals, business owners and students can access and learn in their own time.

DIIPR is a section 25 Company incorporated under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 1956 as amended from time to time. DIIPR has been incorporated with the sole purpose and object of promoting education and imparting knowledge in the field of Intellectual Property Rights to students, professionals and anyone interested in pursuing studies or careers in this field. Profits & income generated thereafter by DIIPR is applied to serve & promote the above-mentioned objects of the company.


Our main goal is to educate & spread awareness about:

·       How to protect and enforce IP rights in India & worldwide,

·       How stakeholders can utilize their IP assets to create wealth and maximize profits,

·       How to use knowledge of IP to improve products & processes efficiently and

·       How to value others’ IP rights thereby checking inadvertent infringement, avoiding legal hassles & saving time and money.

 We are also committed to creating a highly talented pool of capable & sound professionals in the field of IP rights.